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Reach your Audience

Novity is here to help your company be as effective as possible when engaging with your audience. Our sole purpose is to create a simple, attractive, and clean way to give your customer the best experience possible.

How Reach Can Help You


The future of connecting with your church's congregation! Connect your Reach to your website, linktree, social media, mobile tithing, etc.

Beauty Vlogger


Use your Reach to market your brand! Keep a Reach on your keychain, in your purse, or on your phone to easily promote your gifts.

Healthy Blog


The days of paper menus are dwindling, but the answer is not a QR code. Keep your tables clean and aesthetic with a custom Reach!

Family Viewing House

Real Estate

Reach's can help your real estate company by linking directly to property addresses! Even put a Reach on your real estate sign to promote your firm.

Woman at Work


Let us help your business in so many ways! We can provide Reach's that link to your company's website, special coupon, and even employee application!

Networking Event


When you or your company are out at a convention and want to connect with potential partners, hand out Reach's to make the most memorable and engaging impression!

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